Instagram, a very appetising social network for the professional catering sector

Social networks can be of great value to professionals in the catering sector. Professionals from the Collective Catering sector can use social media platforms to link in better with their community, attract new customers or encourage loyalty, or simply to increase their business renown. Today in Fagor Industrial’s blog we are going to mention some of the things which can be done with Instagram, the social network for sharing photographs which can be edited with different colours, frames and filters.

The importance of Instagram to the catering sector

More and more chefs and restaurants are using the social network Instagram as part of their social media strategy. The number of images of restaurants and gastronomy has grown considerably over the past few years and the hashtags #food, #instafood and #deliciousfood have become very popular on this social network. While some restaurants continue to prohibit the taking of photographs of their gastronomic dishes, others have joined the social network with the aim of connecting up with the foodies – customers who are fanatic about new technologies and social networks.


Pictures of food take centre stage on this social network. To obtain wider dissemination and greater renown, invite your diners to use specific hashtags to share pictures of your restaurant.You can also promote your menu by posting attractive pictures on your Instagram profile page.

Another possibility is to organise competitions on this social network to attract new users and to encourage loyalty among current followers. This is what one of the best restaurants in the world, Celler de Can Roca, did. Restaurateur brothers Jordi, Josep and Joan Roca organised a photography competition in which the prize was to go and eat at their restaurant, armed with a smartphone, and take snapshots of the food and premises. A dream come true for many Instagram foodies!

Finally, you can use Instagram to present your kitchen, industrial equipment and work team. Diners like to know what goes on over the stove, are interestedin the industrial equipment which is used in the preparation of the different fare and would like to get to know the people in charge of preparing all their gastronomic dishes. There is no doubt about it, communication via Instagram is a great way of giving your restaurant a human feel and bringing it closer to the diners.

All that’s left to say is: 3,2,1… Smartphones and action! 🙂

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