Organisation of a catering firm: The recipe for good planning and success

The number of firms specialised in catering services has increased significantly in recent years. Today they have become an essential part of event organisation (business meetings, professional conferences, celebrations…).

We often think that organising a catering service is merely a question of choosing a menu and defining the number of diners, but as many of you are aware, it goes far beyond that. When preparing an event, we have to consider a large number of details as a catering service forms part, on most occasions, of a major event and must fit in perfectly in the organisation.

When planning and organising a catering service for an event, there are many points to be defined. Today on the Fagor Industrial blog, we are going to show you the most important points so that you can offer the perfect catering service.


Points to consider so that the catering is perfect

– The food: Prepare a varied menu suitable for the event in order to offer the diners a successful gastronomic experience. Choose food with intense flavours and pay the utmost attention to the presentation.

– The environment: The preparation of the place and the menu may depend on the climate and the time of year. To correctly adapt to the environment, it is essential to consider the temperatures expected on the date of the event, to analyse the available space and the number of diners. In addition, it is important to consider what the diners will be doing before and after the event. This will determine the type of service and food to be prepared.

– The guests: The catering is prepared because of and for them. Therefore, for good results it is important to know the tastes and special requirements of all the guests (possible allergies, vegetarians …).

– The decoration: As well as decorating the area in which the catering service is to be served, it is essential to consider details such as the uniform of the waiters, the tableware on which the food will be presented, the table linen, etc.

These are just some of the most important aspects to be considered when planning and organising a catering service for events. And as you know, equally important as all this “pre-event” work, is being prepared to deal with any incidents that may arise during the event. You should always have a Plan B that will allow you to react quickly!

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