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Food allergies and how restaurants are adapting to European regulations

Alergias alimentarias

17% of Europe’s population suffer from some type of food allergy. The new European Directive that affects mass caterers or catering establishments that serve non-prepacked food to consumers came into force in Spain in December 2014. The new directive establishes that customers must be informed of the presence of allergenic substances in the food they are being served. A couple of months later, in February 2015, a Royal Decree was passed to regulate this directive and set monetary sanctions of between 5,000 and 600,000 Euros for those who do not ... Read More »

Food critics: the ones we are so afraid of

Food critic 1

Food critics, those anonymous judges with the capacity to build or demolish reputations, appeared for the first time at the beginning of the nineteenth century in France with writers such as Brillat Savarin and Grimond de la Reynière. One century later, in 1900, Michelin Guides were first published in France. Their target was the small privileged audience that could afford to drive around the country in their new motor vehicles and experience local cuisine delicacies. It was much later, during the sixties, that the concern for gastronomy and good food ... Read More »

Five guidelines for designing a profitable menu


(Español) En el sector de la hostelería la rentabilidad del menú es esencial para garantizar el correcto funcionamiento del negocio. Para ello será esencial una adecuada planificación y coordinación, aspectos que ayudarán a conseguir un punto de equilibrio entre la creación de platos gastronómicos para un determinado target y la rentabilidad del negocio dentro del sector de la restauración colectiva. Read More »

Technological advances, at the fore in the gastronomy industry

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In recent months there has been a lot of news published about the innovations taking place in the gastronomy, collective catering and healthcare industry. New technological advances are proving to be effective, and key to satisfying the most recent needs of customers or professionals from the hotel and catering sector. Today, on the Fagor Industrial blog, we are going to introduce you to two innovations which are having a major impact on the international market. We invite you to take note, in order to analyse the future benefits they may ... Read More »

I am in the hotel and catering trade, should I be using social networks?

Social Media restaurantes hoteles

If you have a restaurant, hotel, holiday house… and you have not yet got a social network profile, don’t worry. In the following post, we share a few tips to help you decide whether or not your business should use social network. A constantly changing digital and social world For more than 15 years, huge changes have been taking place in the world of business and information consumption. In 1991, internet revolutionised the world and since then communication media have been changing furiously. We heard the term ‘social media’ for ... Read More »

Which is the most suitable dishwasher?

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When fitting-out a kitchen with a dishwashing system, certain factors should be considered to ensure that the selected model is the most suitable and that it meets the necessary production requirements. Assuming that the measurements for the washing area are correct and sufficient for installing the necessary appliances, the following factors should be considered: Type and category of restaurant or premises. Average number of covers at peak times and time available for washing up. True and theoretical performance of the dishwashers. 1. Type and category of restaurant or premises If ... Read More »