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4 technological innovations to improve the productivity of your restaurant

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The most recent technological innovations have meant a revolution in the field of restaurant services management. While it is true that it involves some investment, the use of technological infrastructure can bring you a clear competitive advantage and reduction of some costs, especially staff. Today we present some of the technological innovations that are being adopted by many restaurants and that can help you offer a better service to your customers. ICT management systems This is the basic infrastructure you need before including other kinds of technology. Restaurant management software ... Read More »

Advice for equipping the kitchen of your hotel if you only offer breakfast


Many hotels choose the option of offering their clients a restaurant service only at breakfast time. This decision brings with it a number of very attractive advantages, especially in terms of reducing the installations and staff required. Even so, it is important to have the suitable installations and equipment to allow you to offer the best possible service to your clients. If you are considering this option for your hotel, we would like to offer a number of recommendations to point you in the right direction in terms of offering ... Read More »

The design of a restaurant menu: Key aspects

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In the catering sector, one of the main tools for increasing customers and customer loyalty is the restaurant menu. Knowing how to manage and administer the business correctly is very important, but equally important is the creation of the menu, instrumental for any restaurant. A few months ago we talked about the importance of marketing techniques and the use of social networks in the promotion of catering establishments. In this post we focus on the menu and how to get the most from it as a restaurant marketing tool. Some ... Read More »

How to manage a restaurant: 4 key qualities

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In recent months, many users have asked us for information and advice on creating a restaurant in your home town. Today, on the Fagor Industrial blog, we offer some tips to help you manage your business correctly and obtain success in the hospitality sector. Confidence Being the manager or owner of a restaurant is no easy task. Apart from having a huge responsibility in the business, many hours are needed for all the management, control and administration work involved. In this process, although the staff plays a major role, any ... Read More »

A highly gastronomic interview with John Guerrero: Part I

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‘Any creative gastronomic process must include innovation, creativity, self-assurance and have no dogmas” At the age of 35, the renowned Venezuelan chef John Guerrero has stood behind a stove since he was 16 years old. “I have spent more time working inside a kitchen than outside”, he points out. His training and professional career are his very own life experience. He started work in Caracas in a restaurant (Café Olé) which offered a very sophisticated cuisine. He went on to work as kitchen assistant to the chef de partie in ... Read More »

Procedure for cleaning your restaurant’s industrial hot plate

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The industrial or professional hot plate, known as the fry-top, is an essential element in the majority of industrial kitchens in restaurants. This equipment is manufactured in stainless steel and the work surfaces are based on cast iron or chrome-plated steel sheets, which have to cope with countless types of food and cooking methods, and therefore they frequently get dirty. Procedure for correctly cleaning the work surface of industrial hot plates: To prevent their hot plate from ageing and to keep them looking thoroughly clean, cooks clean their hot plates ... Read More »