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Where can I train as a chef in Spain?

Basque Culinarie Centre

The popularity of MasterChef and other cooking programmes has produced a flood of new students wishing to receive training in restaurant activities and culinary arts. All the Autonomous Communities offer certificates in vocational training, ranging from the most basic offer for pupils who have not passed Obligatory Secondary Education to middle or higher certificates in cooking and restoration. If what you are looking for is training in culinary arts with university or international recognition, keep reading to find out about the best cookery schools in Spain. Basque Culinary Center The ... Read More »

4 technological innovations to improve the productivity of your restaurant


The most recent technological innovations have meant a revolution in the field of restaurant services management. While it is true that it involves some investment, the use of technological infrastructure can bring you a clear competitive advantage and reduction of some costs, especially staff. Today we present some of the technological innovations that are being adopted by many restaurants and that can help you offer a better service to your customers. ICT management systems This is the basic infrastructure you need before including other kinds of technology. Restaurant management software ... Read More »

Global food and drink: Trends for 2016

In their report ‘Global food and drink market in 2016’, the company Mintel has published a list of trends for food and drink for the upcoming year 2016. Without doubt these factors will be influential among consumers and represent a great opportunity both for companies dedicated to the marketing of foods and drinks and for all businesses in the Collective Catering sector. Take note of the following trends which will allow you to identify the factors affecting consumers’ eating habits. Read More »

Organisation of a catering firm: The recipe for good planning and success


The number of firms specialised in catering services has increased significantly in recent years. Today they have become an essential part of event organisation (business meetings, professional conferences, celebrations…). We often think that organising a catering service is merely a question of choosing a menu and defining the number of diners, but as many of you are aware, it goes far beyond that. When preparing an event, we have to consider a large number of details as a catering service forms part, on most occasions, of a major event and ... Read More »

How to manage a restaurant: 4 key qualities

Gestionar un restaurante

In recent months, many users have asked us for information and advice on creating a restaurant in your home town. Today, on the Fagor Industrial blog, we offer some tips to help you manage your business correctly and obtain success in the hospitality sector. Confidence Being the manager or owner of a restaurant is no easy task. Apart from having a huge responsibility in the business, many hours are needed for all the management, control and administration work involved. In this process, although the staff plays a major role, any ... Read More »

Units of measurement: How to use them correctly


In the hotel and catering world, the use of units of measurement and their abbreviations is very common. The problem is that this language is often used incorrectly, and the error is compounded when it is, moreover, accompanied by prefixes to indicate multiples or submultiples. A common example of this is the abbreviation of the term “kilowatts”, written as “Kw.” (upper case K and lower case w, with a full stop at the end), when according to the rules it should be just the opposite: “kW” (lower case k and ... Read More »