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Fagor Industrial joins forces with IBM to launch a first-of-its-kind touchscreen commercial washer

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The success of touchscreens has led to this technology being increasingly present in all aspects of everyday life, with a wider number of uses beyond smartphones. Fagor Industrial, at the cutting edge of innovation, wanted to be the first to implement this technology in its products for industrial equipment, and has worked closely with giant of technology IBM to launch the first commercial washer featuring a touchscreen. The last generation of state-of-the-art commercial washers from Fagor Industrial features a new microprocessor “Touch Plus Control”, with an advanced performance touch display ... Read More »

Economic study for a self-service laundrette measuring 50 m2

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Some weeks ago, on the Fagor Industrial blog we offered some tips on how to design a self-service laundrette. Today, however, we give some simple calculations that will allow you to calculate the profitability of the premises and the amortisation of the machinery in your industrial laundrette. We have assumed that we are going to install a laundrette on rented premises measuring 50 m2. The premises will require some refurbishment to adapt it to the functions required. 1.  Refurbishment costs: This section is perhaps the most variable, and it is ... Read More »

Correctly designing a self-service laundrette

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Self-service laundrettes must be designed to make the most cost-effective use of the area, without forgetting that the shop should, at the same time, be designed to offer profitability, and to provide a certain amount of comfort to the customer, encouraging them come again. Some of the aspects to be considered when designing a self-service laundrette are listed below: – Access and visibility: customers must be able to access the premises in the easiest and most convenient way possible. Doors must be large enough and sufficient. The visibility of the whole ... Read More »

Units of measurement: How to use them correctly


In the hotel and catering world, the use of units of measurement and their abbreviations is very common. The problem is that this language is often used incorrectly, and the error is compounded when it is, moreover, accompanied by prefixes to indicate multiples or submultiples. A common example of this is the abbreviation of the term “kilowatts”, written as “Kw.” (upper case K and lower case w, with a full stop at the end), when according to the rules it should be just the opposite: “kW” (lower case k and ... Read More »

Factors involved in cleaning: Sinner’s Circle

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For the catering professional, dish washing machinery is an essential part of the equipment in an industrial kitchen. What many professionals are not aware of is the system or techniques used in this type of machinery to ensure they operate correctly. The main objective of professional washing techniques is to clean as much as possible, as fast as possible and at least cost. In this way, the machinery helps the professionals in their work, saving time in their daily tasks. We should not forget that this type of machinery must ... Read More »