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Five guidelines for designing a profitable menu


(Español) En el sector de la hostelería la rentabilidad del menú es esencial para garantizar el correcto funcionamiento del negocio. Para ello será esencial una adecuada planificación y coordinación, aspectos que ayudarán a conseguir un punto de equilibrio entre la creación de platos gastronómicos para un determinado target y la rentabilidad del negocio dentro del sector de la restauración colectiva. Read More »

Instagram, a very appetising social network for the professional catering sector


Social networks can be of great value to professionals in the catering sector. Professionals from the Collective Catering sector can use social media platforms to link in better with their community, attract new customers or encourage loyalty, or simply to increase their business renown. Today in Fagor Industrial’s blog we are going to mention some of the things which can be done with Instagram, the social network for sharing photographs which can be edited with different colours, frames and filters. The importance of Instagram to the catering sector More and ... Read More »

The blast chiller: A key element in the freezing of food

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Freezing is a traditional method of food conservation. Through the freezing process, we are able to maintain the nutritional properties of the food, we can lengthen the shelf life of the products, reduce waste and increase the profitability of the business in the catering sector. Today in the Fagor Industrial blog, we take a look at the benefits of the blast chiller or rapid cooling system for food in an industrial kitchen. Take note! Discovering the many advantages of blast chillers The blast chiller or rapid cooling system for food ... Read More »

Fagor Industrial, backing meals on wheels!

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Speed, personalised service, gastronomic innovation and good prices, these are some of the main factors that have turned food trucks into the leading gastronomic trend of 2015. These trucks are designed to offer menus and meet the needs of those people (especially young people) seeking a fast but unique experience when it comes to eating. The majority tend to have certain features in common: the people behind them are young, the quality of the products on offer, flexibility in time and space and the design and originality of the ‘establishment’. ... Read More »

Organisation of a catering firm: The recipe for good planning and success


The number of firms specialised in catering services has increased significantly in recent years. Today they have become an essential part of event organisation (business meetings, professional conferences, celebrations…). We often think that organising a catering service is merely a question of choosing a menu and defining the number of diners, but as many of you are aware, it goes far beyond that. When preparing an event, we have to consider a large number of details as a catering service forms part, on most occasions, of a major event and ... Read More »

Discover the benefits of the Fagor Industrial new commercial refrigeration ‘NEO Generation’

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Today, on the Fagor Industrial blog, we take a look at the new commercial refrigeration NEO Generation. This new generation offers in its top range an insulation of 80 mm, one of the biggest that can be found on the market for this kind of appliances, and includes standard LED lighting in all the ranges to reduce energy consumption. Other incorporated improvements are: the use of R-290 ecological refrigerant, with zero impact on the ozone layer and an insignificant GWP (global warming potential) that is 98% less than normal refrigerants. The ... Read More »