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I want to set up a bakery: what equipment do I need?

Como montar un bakery

Bakery cafés are in vogue, with their new business model mix of bakery and cafeteria, and even acting as restaurants for light meals. If you’re thinking of starting a bakery cafe, you will need to begin by studying the viability of your idea by drawing up a business plan which takes the investment and set-up requirements into account. One of the most important sections in your business plan will detail the equipment you need. At Fagor Industrial we want to help you to bring your bakery project to fruition, and ... Read More »

‘Cook & Chill’ the solution ovens and blast chiller by Fagor Industrial for every type of professional kitchen

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Fagor Industrial offers professional caterers their Cook & Chill solution, a combination of ovens and blast chillers that optimise the work, performance, efficiency and productivity of a professional kitchen. This equipment arrives for the first time in the history of Fagor Industrial, as a result of the marriage of two extreme universes, of the alliance between the Ovens and Cold Divisions. Thus, Fagor Industrial has become the first Spanish manufacturer able to offer a Cook & Chill solution using their own products, reinventing and materialising the synergies created around their ... Read More »