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The blast chiller: A key element in the freezing of food

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Freezing is a traditional method of food conservation. Through the freezing process, we are able to maintain the nutritional properties of the food, we can lengthen the shelf life of the products, reduce waste and increase the profitability of the business in the catering sector. Today in the Fagor Industrial blog, we take a look at the benefits of the blast chiller or rapid cooling system for food in an industrial kitchen. Take note! Discovering the many advantages of blast chillers The blast chiller or rapid cooling system for food ... Read More »

Fagor Industrial, backing meals on wheels!

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Speed, personalised service, gastronomic innovation and good prices, these are some of the main factors that have turned food trucks into the leading gastronomic trend of 2015. These trucks are designed to offer menus and meet the needs of those people (especially young people) seeking a fast but unique experience when it comes to eating. The majority tend to have certain features in common: the people behind them are young, the quality of the products on offer, flexibility in time and space and the design and originality of the ‘establishment’. ... Read More »

The importance of cleaning and removing grease in an industrial kitchen

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In an industrial kitchen the air filtration and ventilation system is essential for guaranteeing a clean, safe and hygienic working environment. In this process and in order to obtain an optimum working area, it is necessary to eliminate all the waste left behind after work in an industrial kitchen (fumes, vapours and odours). Therefore, all industrial kitchens have an extraction system consisting of hoods, a network of pipes and ventilators, which must be regularly cleaned at least twice a year. The fumes generated in the food preparation process are caught ... Read More »

Economic study for a self-service laundrette measuring 50 m2

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Some weeks ago, on the Fagor Industrial blog we offered some tips on how to design a self-service laundrette. Today, however, we give some simple calculations that will allow you to calculate the profitability of the premises and the amortisation of the machinery in your industrial laundrette. We have assumed that we are going to install a laundrette on rented premises measuring 50 m2. The premises will require some refurbishment to adapt it to the functions required. 1.  Refurbishment costs: This section is perhaps the most variable, and it is ... Read More »

Describing the characteristics of a Fagor Industrial kitchen with the prestigious chef John Guerrero: Part II

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‘I have been lucky to work in kitchens with Fagor Industrial equipment and this culture of innovation and quality in their line of products has always intrigued me’ Two weeks ago, in an interview published on the Fagor Industrial blog, we had the chance to meet the prestigious Venezuelan chef, John Guerrero. At just 35, the chef is already well-known in the professional catering sector, both in Venezuela and in Spain, where he has large number of mentors and collaborators. One of his star projects is called ‘’, a specialised ... Read More »