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Advice for equipping the kitchen of your hotel if you only offer breakfast


Many hotels choose the option of offering their clients a restaurant service only at breakfast time. This decision brings with it a number of very attractive advantages, especially in terms of reducing the installations and staff required. Even so, it is important to have the suitable installations and equipment to allow you to offer the best possible service to your clients. If you are considering this option for your hotel, we would like to offer a number of recommendations to point you in the right direction in terms of offering ... Read More »

Kitchen economy: how to reduce scraps and make the most of waste in a restaurant business

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It is calculated that Spanish restaurants lose more than 255 million euros a year due to scraps and wasted food. The awareness of the catering sector all over the world to this topic is always growing, although many small and family businesses do not carry out a close follow-up of the food which is wasted in their company. We would like to offer you some simple pieces of advice about managing waste in your restaurant and saving money. First step: waste assessment. The three areas where food is wasted in ... Read More »

The importance of cleaning and removing grease in an industrial kitchen

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In an industrial kitchen the air filtration and ventilation system is essential for guaranteeing a clean, safe and hygienic working environment. In this process and in order to obtain an optimum working area, it is necessary to eliminate all the waste left behind after work in an industrial kitchen (fumes, vapours and odours). Therefore, all industrial kitchens have an extraction system consisting of hoods, a network of pipes and ventilators, which must be regularly cleaned at least twice a year. The fumes generated in the food preparation process are caught ... Read More »

Nine tips on how to get the best out of an industrial kitchen and increase its profitability

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These days, when professionals from the Horeca sector embark on the design of an industrial kitchen, they should ask the following question: how can the possibilities of the space be optimised to make it as efficient as possible? On this basis, and in order to obtain maximum profitability from an industrial kitchen, there are certain aspects that should be considered. Today, Fagor Industrial reveals the key to getting the best out of an industrial kitchen and increasing its profitability. 1. Analyse the possibilities and requirements of the premises: this is ... Read More »

Describing the characteristics of a Fagor Industrial kitchen with the prestigious chef John Guerrero: Part II

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‘I have been lucky to work in kitchens with Fagor Industrial equipment and this culture of innovation and quality in their line of products has always intrigued me’ Two weeks ago, in an interview published on the Fagor Industrial blog, we had the chance to meet the prestigious Venezuelan chef, John Guerrero. At just 35, the chef is already well-known in the professional catering sector, both in Venezuela and in Spain, where he has large number of mentors and collaborators. One of his star projects is called ‘’, a specialised ... Read More »

A highly gastronomic interview with John Guerrero: Part I

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‘Any creative gastronomic process must include innovation, creativity, self-assurance and have no dogmas” At the age of 35, the renowned Venezuelan chef John Guerrero has stood behind a stove since he was 16 years old. “I have spent more time working inside a kitchen than outside”, he points out. His training and professional career are his very own life experience. He started work in Caracas in a restaurant (Café Olé) which offered a very sophisticated cuisine. He went on to work as kitchen assistant to the chef de partie in ... Read More »