Tuesday , 14 August 2018

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Tilting Bratt pan: three in one

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The tilting Bratt pan is an appliance of huge versatility in the catering sector if used correctly. Tilting Bratt pans have different functional elements: a tilting pan, an adjustable thermostat ranging between 50 – 315 ºC and a water inlet tap for filling the pan. When each of these components is used correctly, the tilting Bratt pan has three different functions: As a fryer: Fill the pan to a certain level with oil to deep-fry fish, croquettes, eggs, etc. As a fry-top: Thanks to the temperature reached on the bottom ... Read More »

Get the most out of your 700 range cooking block

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A few weeks ago we explained how to fit out a restaurant for 40 diners, and today we take a closer look, with details of the most appropriate cooking equipment for this sort of kitchen. As we mentioned earlier, for the chef, the most important aspect is that their equipment offers the best performance possible while optimising on space. The 700 range cooking block is the most used in this type of installation, thanks to its capacity and the possibilities it has to offer. In kitchens with a small surface ... Read More »