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Cookery competitions for young chefs


The international competitions Beyond the popular television competitions for amateurs, there is far more to the world of cookery contests for professionals than the pure spectacle that can be seen on reality shows. High-level competitions of great prestige serve to propel cooking professionals into their career in the world of international gastronomy. Image: Although there are many international competitions, not all have a category specially for young chefs, meaning that if they want to take part they find themselves competing against more experienced chefs. If you are thinking of ... Read More »

The History of Cookery Schools: Pioneer Institutions in Professional Training

Escuela de cocina en Boston s XIX

The chef’s profession has never been so highly valued as it is today. All over the world, thousands of young people train to emulate the professional careers of the so-called star chefs. Cookery schools have multiplied and become more sophisticated, offering university degrees or prestigious, internationally recognised diplomas. These training centres have their origins in the first cookery schools for professionals created in the 19th century, some of which are still open in the present day. Today we will talk about their history. Foto: Cookery school in Boston S.XIX (Source: ... Read More »

5 essential websites and applications for chefs and cooking enthusiasts in Spanish

Post Apps gastronomicas

From Simone Ortega’s 1001 cooking recipes to the apps for cooking with Google Glass™, the tools at the disposal of the amateur and professional cook have multiplied in number over the last decade in a way we could hardly imagine, which can only be down to new technologies. Whether you like cooking or you are a professional, here is the list of 5 essential applications and websites for cooks big and small. Enjoy! Canal Cocina (Cooking Channel) and Canal Cocina Glass This television channel has its own applications for iOS, ... Read More »