Thursday , 19 July 2018

Kitchen economy: how to reduce scraps and make the most of waste in a restaurant business

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It is calculated that Spanish restaurants lose more than 255 million euros a year due to scraps and wasted food. The awareness of the catering sector all over the world to this topic is always growing, although many small and family businesses do not carry out a close follow-up of the food which is wasted in their company. We would like to offer you some simple pieces of advice about managing waste in your restaurant and saving money. First step: waste assessment. The three areas where food is wasted in ... Read More »

New trends in tapas and pinchos

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According to what we have seen in the latest tapas contests, the following are the most relevant trends that we should expect with regards to tapas and pinchos in 2016. Trend #1: Escalating imaginative looks Though nothing new, tapas’ appearance climbs to a greater rank day after day. The inclination for a sophisticated appearance intends to capture all our senses, including our hearing. Everything plays a fair part to add spectacularity, including mist and smoke or ingenious eye deceiving tricks to make us believe what is not true. Trend #2: ... Read More »

Food critics: the ones we are so afraid of

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Food critics, those anonymous judges with the capacity to build or demolish reputations, appeared for the first time at the beginning of the nineteenth century in France with writers such as Brillat Savarin and Grimond de la Reynière. One century later, in 1900, Michelin Guides were first published in France. Their target was the small privileged audience that could afford to drive around the country in their new motor vehicles and experience local cuisine delicacies. It was much later, during the sixties, that the concern for gastronomy and good food ... Read More »

Five guidelines for designing a profitable menu


(Español) En el sector de la hostelería la rentabilidad del menú es esencial para garantizar el correcto funcionamiento del negocio. Para ello será esencial una adecuada planificación y coordinación, aspectos que ayudarán a conseguir un punto de equilibrio entre la creación de platos gastronómicos para un determinado target y la rentabilidad del negocio dentro del sector de la restauración colectiva. Read More »

Global food and drink: Trends for 2016

In their report ‘Global food and drink market in 2016’, the company Mintel has published a list of trends for food and drink for the upcoming year 2016. Without doubt these factors will be influential among consumers and represent a great opportunity both for companies dedicated to the marketing of foods and drinks and for all businesses in the Collective Catering sector. Take note of the following trends which will allow you to identify the factors affecting consumers’ eating habits. Read More »

Instagram, a very appetising social network for the professional catering sector


Social networks can be of great value to professionals in the catering sector. Professionals from the Collective Catering sector can use social media platforms to link in better with their community, attract new customers or encourage loyalty, or simply to increase their business renown. Today in Fagor Industrial’s blog we are going to mention some of the things which can be done with Instagram, the social network for sharing photographs which can be edited with different colours, frames and filters. The importance of Instagram to the catering sector More and ... Read More »