Thursday , 19 July 2018

Food trucks: A guide to setting up a food service on wheels


The food truck fad is here to stay. This type of business offers the entrepreneur many advantages over a traditional restaurant establishment. If you are thinking of setting up a food business on wheels, we would like to present you with this guide about how to set up a food truck business. Market analysis: given that food trucks offer more specific gastronomy, it is worthwhile carrying out an analysis of the market and demand in order to ensure the viability of your product. Ask yourself questions about location (is your ... Read More »

Tips for increasing and improving your hotel’s presence on the internet


Whatever your line of business, not having a good website and internet presence is like not having your business registered in the yellow pages. This presence is especially important in the hotel trade and restaurant sector: according to a study carried out by the consultants Ipsos MediaCT for Google , between 74% and 77% of travellers look for information on the internet before planning their holidays or work trips. Today we wish to propose a three step strategy for improving the presence of your hotel on the internet. First step: ... Read More »

Advice for equipping the kitchen of your hotel if you only offer breakfast


Many hotels choose the option of offering their clients a restaurant service only at breakfast time. This decision brings with it a number of very attractive advantages, especially in terms of reducing the installations and staff required. Even so, it is important to have the suitable installations and equipment to allow you to offer the best possible service to your clients. If you are considering this option for your hotel, we would like to offer a number of recommendations to point you in the right direction in terms of offering ... Read More »

Social media and users’ opinions on hotels and restaurants

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According to a study by the global marketing consulting firm J.D. Powers, 50% of travellers check other users’ online comments before making a reservation. But how reliable are the recommendations to be found on forums and social networks? Are they all genuine or are they easily manipulated? How do travellers use other travellers’ references? Some data on TripAdvisor’s users The website TripAdvisor includes reviews of as many as 290 million tourist establishments and attractions all over the world and has 350 million new visitors per month. This makes it the ... Read More »

Food allergies and how restaurants are adapting to European regulations

Alergias alimentarias

17% of Europe’s population suffer from some type of food allergy. The new European Directive that affects mass caterers or catering establishments that serve non-prepacked food to consumers came into force in Spain in December 2014. The new directive establishes that customers must be informed of the presence of allergenic substances in the food they are being served. A couple of months later, in February 2015, a Royal Decree was passed to regulate this directive and set monetary sanctions of between 5,000 and 600,000 Euros for those who do not ... Read More »

5 essential websites and applications for chefs and cooking enthusiasts in Spanish

Post Apps gastronomicas

From Simone Ortega’s 1001 cooking recipes to the apps for cooking with Google Glass™, the tools at the disposal of the amateur and professional cook have multiplied in number over the last decade in a way we could hardly imagine, which can only be down to new technologies. Whether you like cooking or you are a professional, here is the list of 5 essential applications and websites for cooks big and small. Enjoy! Canal Cocina (Cooking Channel) and Canal Cocina Glass This television channel has its own applications for iOS, ... Read More »