Fragrance dosing for dryers

We all know that smell is a powerful sense when it comes to identification, and it can have a strong impact on the brain as it is an integral part of it. Our FreshKare solution will make sure your self-service laundry stands out from the competition, as the clothes will come out of the dryer ...

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Water-soluble laundry bags

At Fagor Industrial, we have just launched our water-soluble laundry bags, which represent a further step towards guaranteeing complete hygiene and safety in laundries. These are fully sealed bags that prevent cross contamination at any point, from the source where the dirty laundry is collected and all the way to the laundry. Safety is maintained ...

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The importance of dishwashing in the time of COVID-19

In order to offer you the necessary material to reactivate the activity as soon as possible, we want to remind all the sanitary guarantees and you some important recommendations. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the correct operation of the dishwashing equipment must be verified, in particular the operating temperatures, as well as the ...

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How to prepare restaurant equipments for Phase 1 of the de-escalation

Bars and restaurants open their terraces at 50% capacity as they attempt to kick start business after almost two months at a stand still, while ensuring that their equipment is in full working order and guaranteeing the safety of their employees and customers Here at Fagor Industrial, our focus is on supporting those in the ...

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Sanitary Barrier: Maximum level of hygiene

Top hygiene conditions to face this new threat. The sanitary barrier guarantees the best sanitation results with the best technology to meet cleaning requirements in the situation we are experiencing due to COVID-19, and in the event of other viruses, infections or contamination which may occur in the future. Ensuring complete and thorough cleaning of ...

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Open letter from Iker Alberdi, Managing Director of ONNERA Group

The COVID-19 crisis and the extraordinary measures decreed by governments and health authorities have given us a situation that neither companies nor society as a whole have ever experienced before. This is why ONNERA Group wishes to send a message of encouragement and unconditional support to our workers, whose well-being is the key vector that ...

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