Sunday , 22 July 2018

I want to set up a bakery: what equipment do I need?

Como montar un bakery

Bakery cafés are in vogue, with their new business model mix of bakery and cafeteria, and even acting as restaurants for light meals. If you’re thinking of starting a bakery cafe, you will need to begin by studying the viability of your idea by drawing up a business plan which takes the investment and set-up requirements into account. One of the most important sections in your business plan will detail the equipment you need. At Fagor Industrial we want to help you to bring your bakery project to fruition, and ... Read More »

10 tips for professional-looking food photographs

Fotografia de comida 1

Pictures with food or #foodfies (food + selfie) are one the most popular types of image on Instagram and other social networks. Not long ago at Fagor Industrial, we talked about the advantages of using Instagram as part of a restaurant Social Media business strategy. Today we want to give you some tricks to help you take photos of your dishes that look more professional, and delectable, without having to hire a stylist or photographer. #Preparing the food Given that the pictures of your dishes are only going to be ... Read More »

What do guests value most in a hotel?

Servicios valorados hotel

If you are in charge of a hotel, you can never have too much information about the opinions and preferences of your guests. Knowing which aspects are most highly valued is essential for offering a quality service that fits their priorities and results in greater satisfaction for your customers. In recent years, it has become clear that free Wi-Fi is one of the services considered essential by guests and which they most highly value in a hotel. But what other services can you offer your guests to make them feel ... Read More »

Where can I train as a chef in Spain?

Basque Culinarie Centre

The popularity of MasterChef and other cooking programmes has produced a flood of new students wishing to receive training in restaurant activities and culinary arts. All the Autonomous Communities offer certificates in vocational training, ranging from the most basic offer for pupils who have not passed Obligatory Secondary Education to middle or higher certificates in cooking and restoration. If what you are looking for is training in culinary arts with university or international recognition, keep reading to find out about the best cookery schools in Spain. Basque Culinary Center The ... Read More »

New regulations for energy labelling of commercial refrigeration appliances

Nuena normativa Europea de Eco Etiqeutado

As of 1st July, the regulation EU 2015/1094 of the commission that regulates the energy labelling of commercial refrigeration appliances, has come into effect. In practice this means that appliances with an energy classification higher than G will not be able to be sold in Spain. Here we explain how this new regulation works and the advantages that it brings to professionals of the hotel and restaurant trade. What is the aim of the regulation? The energy consumed by professional refrigeration appliances represents a sizeable proportion of the total electricity ... Read More »

4 technological innovations to improve the productivity of your restaurant


The most recent technological innovations have meant a revolution in the field of restaurant services management. While it is true that it involves some investment, the use of technological infrastructure can bring you a clear competitive advantage and reduction of some costs, especially staff. Today we present some of the technological innovations that are being adopted by many restaurants and that can help you offer a better service to your customers. ICT management systems This is the basic infrastructure you need before including other kinds of technology. Restaurant management software ... Read More »