Tips for storing food in the hotel and catering trade over the summer months

Summer comes, bringing with it a rise in temperatures. This is why the correct use of refrigerated chambers by businesses in the hotel and catering trade is essential for correctly storing products including meat, fish, fruit… and preventing the spread of bacteria. Refrigerated chambers in the hotel and catering industry        Industrial refrigerated chambers are used ...

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Procedure for cleaning your restaurant’s industrial hot plate

The industrial or professional hot plate, known as the fry-top, is an essential element in the majority of industrial kitchens in restaurants. This equipment is manufactured in stainless steel and the work surfaces are based on cast iron or chrome-plated steel sheets, which have to cope with countless types of food and cooking methods, and ...

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How can I advertise my restaurant?

Quality cuisine and exceptional customer service are key to success in the catering trade. In the same vein, all restaurateurs must know how to publicise their business among their potential clientèle. The promotion of a restaurant requires an elaborate marketing plan, a defined budget and adequate strategic planning. At present, the majority of restaurants do ...

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Units of measurement: How to use them correctly

In the hotel and catering world, the use of units of measurement and their abbreviations is very common. The problem is that this language is often used incorrectly, and the error is compounded when it is, moreover, accompanied by prefixes to indicate multiples or submultiples. A common example of this is the abbreviation of the ...

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