How to avoid food poisoning in the summer

With the high temperatures recorded in the summer, the spread of food contamination by virus or bacteria is more likely. Food poisoning occurs more easily at this time of year, becoming a top priority area of concern in the catering sector. Today on the Fagor Industrial blog, we share some simple tips to help you ...

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How to manage a restaurant: 4 key qualities

In recent months, many users have asked us for information and advice on creating a restaurant in your home town. Today, on the Fagor Industrial blog, we offer some tips to help you manage your business correctly and obtain success in the hospitality sector. Confidence Being the manager or owner of a restaurant is no ...

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Economic study for a self-service laundrette measuring 50 m2

Some weeks ago, on the Fagor Industrial blog we offered some tips on how to design a self-service laundrette. Today, however, we give some simple calculations that will allow you to calculate the profitability of the premises and the amortisation of the machinery in your industrial laundrette. We have assumed that we are going to ...

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Correctly designing a self-service laundrette

Self-service laundrettes must be designed to make the most cost-effective use of the area, without forgetting that the shop should, at the same time, be designed to offer profitability, and to provide a certain amount of comfort to the customer, encouraging them come again. Some of the aspects to be considered when designing a self-service ...

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Tips for opening a self-service laundrette

Just as changes in social habits have led to people eating less at home, with the use of restaurants, bars, hotels on the rise…, it is also noticeable how these changes have reached the clothes washing sector. Lack of time, rushing, and the highest ever percentage of mobile population requiring certain comforts, are causing industrial ...

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