Five guidelines for designing a profitable menu

The profitability of the menu is essential to the smooth-running of business in the catering sector. Adequate planning and coordination are paramount, and will help achieve a balance between the creation of gastronomic dishes for a particular target customer and the profitability of the business within the collective catering sector.

Here we offer a few pieces of advice which will allow you to design your restaurant’s menu correctly with the aim of increasing and securing the viability of your business.

5 guidelines for designing a profitable menu for a restaurant

Designing and achieving a profitable menu is easier than it looks. A wide variety of menus currently exist in the catering and restaurant sector, depending on the type of establishment: children’s menus, menu of the day, tasting menus, menus for various diners, special menus for people with allergies, vegans…

1. It is important not to serve too much in order to achieve an optimum quality – price relationship. The plate should be full, with its rims clear, and contain enough to satisfy but not fill the diner. It is a good idea to invest time in the creation of quality dishes. Remember that “we eat through our eyes”.

2. Find the ideal menu for your restaurant: The owner or manager of the restaurant should adapt the menu to their business concept and to their target clientele’s profile. Don’t try to change your clientele’s tastes; adapt to their requirements.

3. Make the most of seasonal products: As well as allowing you to vary your menu, seasonal products will help you to plan your menus correctly. The taste of fresh products will be ever present in your dishes and it means savings for the restaurateur, as the abundance of seasonal products makes them cheaper.

4. Stand out and ring the changes: Any catering business should be aware of trends and changes in taste that occur over time and must adapt, whilst always being true to their business concept, with the aim of meeting clients’ requirements and increasing the productivity of their premises.

5. Create a menu based on the price: The style of the menu should be in accord with the personality of the business, but it is also important to take other factors into account, such as price. Referring to a set budget when choosing the dishes, the number of them, the weight of a serving and how to combine them will help to keep all the preparation costs under control.
Doing the opposite could result in expenses shooting skywards for the restauranteur.

Take note of these 5 guidelines to increase the profitability of your business and create a successful menu!

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