Tuesday , 28 March 2017

Interview with Juan Miguel Ordóñez, Sales Manager at Open Wash

Openwash entrevista

Self-service laundries are on the rise and have become an essential service for users with such a basic demand as to be able to wash and dry their clothes comfortably in specially prepared installations. In some cases, this is because they do not have a washing machine or dryer in their own home and in other cases, because the expense of money and time (only 45 minutes) is much more accessible than doing it at home. Open wash emerges from this background and with more than 25 years of experience ... Read More »

Gastronomic trends for 2017

Tendencias Gastronomicas 2017

A new year has just started and all the experts in gastronomy are trying to predict what the culinary trends for 2017 will be. Whilst it is true that trends appear every year that end up short-lived, in 2017 we can also observe certain currents which have been coming to the fore for a number of years, such as the healthy food trend, and which are proving to be more than a passing fad. These are some of the gastronomic trends that we can expect for 2017… and beyond. Healthy ... Read More »

The History of Cookery Schools: Pioneer Institutions in Professional Training

Escuela de cocina en Boston s XIX

The chef’s profession has never been so highly valued as it is today. All over the world, thousands of young people train to emulate the professional careers of the so-called star chefs. Cookery schools have multiplied and become more sophisticated, offering university degrees or prestigious, internationally recognised diplomas. These training centres have their origins in the first cookery schools for professionals created in the 19th century, some of which are still open in the present day. Today we will talk about their history. Foto: Cookery school in Boston S.XIX (Source: ... Read More »

I want to set up a bakery: what equipment do I need?

Como montar un bakery

Bakery cafés are in vogue, with their new business model mix of bakery and cafeteria, and even acting as restaurants for light meals. If you’re thinking of starting a bakery cafe, you will need to begin by studying the viability of your idea by drawing up a business plan which takes the investment and set-up requirements into account. One of the most important sections in your business plan will detail the equipment you need. At Fagor Industrial we want to help you to bring your bakery project to fruition, and ... Read More »

10 tips for professional-looking food photographs

Fotografia de comida 1

Pictures with food or #foodfies (food + selfie) are one the most popular types of image on Instagram and other social networks. Not long ago at Fagor Industrial, we talked about the advantages of using Instagram as part of a restaurant Social Media business strategy. Today we want to give you some tricks to help you take photos of your dishes that look more professional, and delectable, without having to hire a stylist or photographer. #Preparing the food Given that the pictures of your dishes are only going to be ... Read More »

What do guests value most in a hotel?

Servicios valorados hotel

If you are in charge of a hotel, you can never have too much information about the opinions and preferences of your guests. Knowing which aspects are most highly valued is essential for offering a quality service that fits their priorities and results in greater satisfaction for your customers. In recent years, it has become clear that free Wi-Fi is one of the services considered essential by guests and which they most highly value in a hotel. But what other services can you offer your guests to make them feel ... Read More »