Fagor Industrial obtains ISO 45001 certification

Having an Occupational Health and Safety Management System is very important for any business, since it brings key benefits such as a reduced accident rate in the workplace. Moreover, by integrating company management systems, occupational health and safety becomes a strategic focus which is regularly monitored. Thanks to the identification and evaluation of the possible ...

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Interview with chef Alfonso de la Dehesa

For this post, we had the pleasure of speaking to the chef Alfonso de la Dehesa, a customer and friend of Fagor Industrial. Alfonso de la Dehesa is a corporate chef at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort (Playa del Carmen, Mexico) which was recently voted the second-best resort of the Riviera Maya in the TripAdvisor ...

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History of the world’s main gastronomy awards

The chef’s discipline, like any other, comes with its own rankings and awards around the world. These classify and reward restaurants which, in the opinion of certain judges, bring together the characteristics which make them the best on the international stage. Today, there are three main gastronomy awards receiving the greatest recognition in the world: ...

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Interview with Chef Pocho Garcés

We at Fagor Industrial are delighted to have highly professional clients and business partners. The professional relationship which unites us, and which in many cases extends beyond the professional, enables us, as is the case here, to request collaborations, such as this series of interviews we present to you today. We want our blog followers ...

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Millennials and healthy food

The millennials, the generation made up of young people born between 1980 and the late 1990s, have been changing consumer trends for several years now, particularly in the service sector. Hyper-connected, digital, and having high ethical and social standards, are just some of the distinguishing characteristics of these demanding consumers. Vegan food and other healthy ...

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Trends in restaurant menus

We see new gastronomical currents in the hotel and restaurant sector each year. Some appear to be more stable, and others are merely passing trends. It all depends on consumer habits, and hotel and restaurant owners must be prepared to make sure that their customers are always happy with what they offer. For that reason, ...

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