Inclusive menus – inclusive restaurants

Until a few years ago, the norm was to design a menu around the ‘general’ customer, with no dietary restrictions and tastes that, until now, were the most common. However, there are now a wide range of different dietary regimes, but, instead of trying to get customers to adapt to us, the most efficient way ...

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How to attract millennials to your restaurant

The younger generations are revolutionising every different sector bit by bit, effectively forcing them to adapt to their consumer habits. And this trend also applies to the hotel and hospitality industries, so one of the most important questions asked these days is: How do you attract millennials as customers? First of all, what is a ...

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What’s the best packaging for delivery?

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that delivery has become very important in recent months and, for quite some time, it was the only option that allowed restaurants to continue offering their services. Those who order our food for home delivery do it because they want to enjoy our dishes but, let’s be honest, ...

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Digital management of waiting lists and terraces

Due to capacity restrictions and, above all, the safety and smooth running of an establishment, digital management of waiting lists has gained a lot of ground in recent months. Keeping track of indoor and outdoor waiting lists from the restaurant allows you to establish a connection with the customer, creating loyalty by avoiding uncomfortable waits. ...

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The rise of the self-ordering service in restaurants

Ensuring the safety of staff and customers in restaurants is one of the most significant issues for the hospitality industry today. Likewise, increasing the profitability of their businesses is a growing concern due to the situation experienced over the last year. One practical solution for both problems is the self-ordering service, a tool that’s currently ...

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