Thursday , 16 August 2018


Good practice and regulation in food health and safety for restaurants

Higiene y seguridad alimentaria

There are few sectors in which good practice in food health and safety is so important as in the hotel and restaurant trade. Mistakes made in this field can have very negative consequences for the customer and, as a result, for the good repute and survival of the business. Image: engagenewswire Today we go over the different aspects and regulations related to this good practice, which should be applied by all businesses in the hotel and restaurant trade. Regulation There are a number of national and autonomous community regulations which ... Read More »

Cookery competitions for young chefs


The international competitions Beyond the popular television competitions for amateurs, there is far more to the world of cookery contests for professionals than the pure spectacle that can be seen on reality shows. High-level competitions of great prestige serve to propel cooking professionals into their career in the world of international gastronomy. Image: Although there are many international competitions, not all have a category specially for young chefs, meaning that if they want to take part they find themselves competing against more experienced chefs. If you are thinking of ... Read More »

Interview with Juan Miguel Ordóñez, Sales Manager at Open Wash

Openwash entrevista

Self-service laundries are on the rise and have become an essential service for users with such a basic demand as to be able to wash and dry their clothes comfortably in specially prepared installations. In some cases, this is because they do not have a washing machine or dryer in their own home and in other cases, because the expense of money and time (only 45 minutes) is much more accessible than doing it at home. Open wash emerges from this background and with more than 25 years of experience ... Read More »

10 tips for professional-looking food photographs

Fotografia de comida 1

Pictures with food or #foodfies (food + selfie) are one the most popular types of image on Instagram and other social networks. Not long ago at Fagor Industrial, we talked about the advantages of using Instagram as part of a restaurant Social Media business strategy. Today we want to give you some tricks to help you take photos of your dishes that look more professional, and delectable, without having to hire a stylist or photographer. #Preparing the food Given that the pictures of your dishes are only going to be ... Read More »

Where can I train as a chef in Spain?

Basque Culinarie Centre

The popularity of MasterChef and other cooking programmes has produced a flood of new students wishing to receive training in restaurant activities and culinary arts. All the Autonomous Communities offer certificates in vocational training, ranging from the most basic offer for pupils who have not passed Obligatory Secondary Education to middle or higher certificates in cooking and restoration. If what you are looking for is training in culinary arts with university or international recognition, keep reading to find out about the best cookery schools in Spain. Basque Culinary Center The ... Read More »

Social media and users’ opinions on hotels and restaurants

Foto: BrasserieSixty6

According to a study by the global marketing consulting firm J.D. Powers, 50% of travellers check other users’ online comments before making a reservation. But how reliable are the recommendations to be found on forums and social networks? Are they all genuine or are they easily manipulated? How do travellers use other travellers’ references? Some data on TripAdvisor’s users The website TripAdvisor includes reviews of as many as 290 million tourist establishments and attractions all over the world and has 350 million new visitors per month. This makes it the ... Read More »